The Art Of Decluttering Your Feed


2018 has finally come and it's about that time again for some decluttering. This time, it won't be of physical objects, but more emotional clutter. Today's post is about the necessity of having a good feed declutter - Instagram particularly. I find myself constantly scrolling through content that I don't really care about, but still seem to hold onto as though if I unfollow an account, I'll lose a certain part of me. It's not logical or healthy, obviously. 

I haven't started decluttering my feed yet because, to be honest, I've been pretty busy with other things going on in the new year (one being my boyfriend falling ill with the flu and also starting a new writing job), so I've only really posted on Instagram and looked at the accounts of those I'm actually interested in. Before beginning my process of decluttering, there are a few questions I drafted up that would be useful when trying to make the decision of who to keep and who to cut. 

Do you want that energy in your life?

For every account you follow and that undoubtedly makes its way into your life, it's important to ask yourself if you want that kind of energy following you around all the time. There are so many Instagram "comedians" that seem to produce nothing but garbage, and yet they have millions of followers. Is that the kind of fire that needs to be stoked? Should we be encouraging that kind of content to grow until all the artists, writers, musicians and any other creatives are overshadowed by overrated content Goliaths? 

When I look through all the accounts I'm following, I'm going to take into account how big their fanbase is and if they deserve that kind of attention. Are they bringing something into the world that's changing the way we interact with content or just regurgitating the same trash that seems to garner so much attention? 

Is this person worth it?

I have a bad habit of following people that aren't always great; either out of habit or out of trend. There are occasions where I see their pictures pop up on my feed and cringe at how they are portraying themselves. I've decided that my time is too valuable to waste following the lives of people that I kind of hate.

Am I following them out of envy or interest?

It's probably very common to following a random Instagram influencer out of envy for their lives, style, apartment etc. Whatever the reason, I've gone through this myself many times and I think that it only feeds whatever insecurities you might have, manifesting them in dangerous ways. No one is the ideal person, no matter what they show online. We all can create our "perfect" online personas, and it's taken me a while to learn that. So, I've decided that anyone I follow purely out of envy rather than actual interest in them and their content will be unfollowed very soon. 

Do they inspire me?

When I look at someone's feed do they inspire my own creativity? Or make me feel bad and somewhat inferior? This is a tell-tale way to know if the person you follow needs to be removed from your immediate sight. Too many times have I struggled with following certain celebrities or friends who just post pictures of their face. Unless you are showcasing creative makeup looks or letting your followers know how you achieved them, then there's no need for me to see your face every time I open my app. It gets tiring and makes me feel disconnected from that person, even though their virtual eyes are staring right into mine. 

Are you going to declutter your feed this year?