Are You Ever Really Ready For Change?


To some, the prospect of change is embraced with open arms. To others, the idea can leave them immobile. I, unfortunately, fall into the latter category. Change has always been a touchy subject for me because it means inevitably letting go of something you've grown to love. I am a creature of habit, so when there's the first inkling of change I instantly feel myself tense up and my nose sting with a possible crying session in the shower. 

As we all know, 2017 has brought on a lot of social change, but probably even more personal change for many people. It has been a year (at least for me) of self-discovery, recognition, acceptance, reflection and so much more. These past 12 months alone have made me wonder if anyone is ever really ready for change when it comes knocking on their door. Sure, we all say we want things to change. I used to say that constantly when I was working a not-so-fun office job, but once I left relief along, with the anxiety of this inevitable change, hit me hard. 

2018 is already bringing on more change than I think I can handle, but again, are we ever really ready for it? A lot of the time it seems to be thrust upon us - moving for a job, falling victim to an illness, losing a significant other - so what makes me think that I need to always brace myself for this shift in lifestyle? Maybe, just maybe, it's easier and more fun to just let myself go along for the ride and see where it takes me. 

If we stopped forcing ourselves to be ready for change, could the change not really feel like change at all, but like a natural progression? If we aren't constantly worried about losing what's in the past, but rather excited to gain what's to come, would our perspectives shift every so slightly from nostalgia to anticipation? These are thoughts that have been flooding my mind lately, relentlessly knocking on the sides of my head so that I can finally acknowledge them. No, change isn't always fun, but I think it's always good for self-discovery. Otherwise, we'd be the same people we were in high school, and who'd want that?

How do you feel about change?