I Took The Dove Bar Challenge: Pros & Cons


At a time when we are inundated with 10-step Korean skin care routines and moisturizers that can cost upwards of 50 dollars I decided to embark on the revolution and try out some simple skin care. Don't get me wrong, I love giving my skin a good pampering every so often, but I've found that it does much better when I don't fuss around with it too much. It's almost as if all the cleaning I'm doing is backfiring and giving me the opposite effect - nasty breakouts. 

So, from a coworker's recommendation, I decided to try out just using a bar of dove soap as my cleanser for about 3 weeks now and document the results. I was kind of over spending a fair amount on a product that would just clean my face and take off makeup, so I wanted to find a cheaper option that also had a good effect on my skin. 


Price: The best thing about this product is the price. I was getting a bit sick of having to spend over $20 for a basic cleanser that I used to just wash my make up off and clean the skin. Although, the Biotherm cleanser that I've been using for the past few years is decently priced for how effective it is and I would recommend it to anyone with normal to dry skin. However, a pack of 2 Dove bars is about 4 Canadian dollars, which is a steal in my opinion. 

Effectiveness: What I really wanted to test out when embarking on the Dove bar challenge was whether or not it could wash off all my makeup and leave my skin feeling clean. And, I'm glad to report, it does both! After I've finished washing my face my skin feels like it's been stripped of any unnecessary products or oils and ready for any additional treatments I want to do to it. It's like starting with a blank canvas that I'm free to prime and paint however I want. 



Dryness: Because of how good the Dove bar is at cleaning the skin, it tends to also leave it feeling dry, even after applying moisturizer. I'll typically have to add another layer of my Pond's moisturizer later throughout the night when I feel a bit of tightness around my forehead. 

Stinging The Eyes: It seems like with every other face cleanser I've used I never had an issue when rubbing it on my eyes to wash off my mascara. However, I've found that the Dove bar has made my eyes sting a bit more than I'm comfortable with so I've had to be extra careful near that area. 

Portability: Another issue with this product is that it's incredibly difficult to store and travel with. Almost every other cleanser is in a resealable container, but not this one. I've had to keep mine on or in a plastic Ziploc bag and it's not very pretty to look at. Without a soap dish there's no easy or aesthetically pleasing way to keep the Dove bar out of sight and that's pretty annoying. 

Have you done the Dove bar challenge? What are your thoughts?