Everything That Happened In 2017


2017 has been a whirlwind of emotions for me, as I'm sure it has been for many other people. It's difficult to believe that it's almost over, but the year is quickly coming to a close. Not only does this mean I need to pick up a new metro pass for January, but also that I should sit down and look back at everything that's happened in 2017 and how it's affected me. 

This year I turned 26, meaning I fell over the 25-year hump and am barreling closer to 30. This would have scared me a few years ago, feeling unprepared to be an adult, and while that still may be true, I'm embracing the challenges and change that the next few years will bring on. I thought for today's blog post I would do a quick roundup of everything that happened to be in 2017, seeing as it was an incredibly big year for me discovering what I really want out of my career path. 

The most important thing I learned this year is that i don't have to do anything that I don't want to do or that doesn't feel intrinsically right for me. For so many years I've been told there is a certain path that needs to be followed to achieve success and happiness, but now I've realized that it was all just the musings of people who never really stepped outside of that re-determined path. What you want out of life doesn't have to wrap up into a neat little package that everyone else approves of - it's all about figuring out what makes you happy and gives your life value. 


Everything that happened

1) In January my boyfriend and I went on our first vacation together to the Dominican Republic. Needless to say we were both very burnt for that entire week. 

2) After much deliberation, stress, and advice from The Minimalists, I decided to leave my full-time corporate job that I'd been at for close to 3 years. It was a very liberating decision, considering I absolutely hated it, and allowed me to really think about what I wanted to do for the rest of the year. 

3) With all my newly found free time, I decided to put more effort into my blog and building an online writing portfolio. 

4) I wanted to try out a new job and one that was close to my apartment, so I started working at a small art gallery. After a few weeks I realized that they weren't very flexible with hours and I had to leave. 


5) In May my boyfriend and I decided to take another trip together to a place we'd always wanted to go - New York! It was just as wonderful as we had expected, despite only spending 4 days there. 

6) After we returned from New York, I started another job close to my place at a Bulk Food store. I enjoyed my time there with the other employees, but I realized that it just wasn't for me and left. 

7) I realized that since I wanted to get back into retail, I went back to my old university job and have been there since the end of May. 

8) In the beginning of June I decided I wanted another tattoo. You can read my post about that here

9) In August I went on my 3rd trip of the year to Cuba with my parents. Despite a bit of family drama, the trip was relaxing, but I still burned. 


10) In Semptember I started freelance writing with a marketing company. Every month since then I've worked on a project with them and it's helped me build my portfolio while realizing that this is something I could potentially do as my career at some point. 

11) In October I found out that my boyfriend was accepted to open a new branch of his company in England and that he'd be moving there in 2018. During October and November I spent a lot of time handling this news (not always well) and preparing myself to join him there a little later on. I also realized that I would need to find a job that would help with the transition and that I could potentially take over to England. 

12) December, like all the other months, has been incredibly busy, stressful and exciting. This month I started a new position that allows me to work from home doing the one thing I love; writing. It's the perfect opportunity to build my portfolio and take with me on the imminent move to England in the upcoming year. 

What happened in 2017 for you?