Friday Feels: What Happens When You Stop Liking Your Content?


In an effort to be more honest on my blog, I'll admit that I am struggling. If you've been following my hustler's journey on this blog, you'll have noticed that I've been posting EVERY WEEK DAY for the past month and a bit. It seems like nothing, but that's almost 30 posts of original content and pictures. This ongoing journey has included a lot of caffeine, stress, and some binge eating to get the creative juices flowing. For the first 3 weeks everything was going great and I fell in love with my blog again, but, as it usually goes, I've recently started losing momentum with my content. 

I feel like I've exhausted certain topics, discussed things that I'm not necessarily that passionate about all the time, and used every inch of my apartment suitable enough to photograph in for the pictures. What's left to produce? Am I fated to be caught in this up-and-down of intensity then frivolity when it comes to my blog? While it was fun to take a break from deeper topics in September and write about a few of my more superficial interests, it's beginning to weigh heavy on me again because that's not who I am entirely. I am a mishmash of personalities, of movie characters, of novel's protagonists, and yet I feel like I am only presenting one side of myself at any given time. 

Is there a way to show your dimensions when your persona is confined to the 2 dimensional world behind a computer screen? This is the journey I've been on recently and it hasn't been easy. I've been trying to figure out how I can incorporate all my interests into the same aesthetic and style that I've been utilizing so far, but it's a lot harder than it sounds. Somehow I don't think my obsession with true crime, interest in beauty and style, and my attempts at minimalism will work cohesively. I guess that's the struggle of being a creator on any level - learning to adapt and discover who you are in the process. 

I'd love to hear your opinions on blog content and how you deal with only being able to show certain sides of yourself in your work. Have you found other methods to be a bit more open without sacrificing your aesthetic? Or do you save certain interests for other platforms?