My Favourite Bloggers At The Moment


Within the past year blogging has become my favourite thing to do, but not always the easiest. This struggle is evident amongst many blogs I read - we are all united by the fact that our favourite hobby takes so much out of us. Whether it's trying to find inspiration or just a style of writing, keeping myself in a bubble seems to be the worst thing I can do when it comes to my inspiration.

I undoubtedly feed off of other's content and aesthetic when I create my own art and that I why I thought it important to talk about a few of my current favourite bloggers. Without every stimulus and creator that I've let myself obsess over I wouldn't be the person I am today, so taking the time to discuss and appreciate those who inspire me is vital in ultimately understanding myself. 

1) Lucy Moon

I was first introduced to Lucy through the sidebar of my Youtube feed. It was her video about alcohol and how she struggles with it when it comes to social situations. After watching this video - its honesty and the rawness she showed to her audience - I was hooked on her channel and flew through every video she'd made in recent years. She has just recently launched her blog again and it's been my favourite one to look at when I'm feeling short on inspiration or simply when I want to read an interesting perspective on certain topics.

What I like the most about her content is that she doesn't shy away from admitting that some things she talks about are a bit more superficial than others, and that it's okay. The two do not have to be mutually exclusive when it comes to content creation and she embraces the many facets of herself. 

2) Alice Catherine

Alice Catherine's blog is one I came across about a year ago via my Instagram discovery page. The first thing I noticed (next to her incredible taste in fashion) is how many pictures she's posted on her account. I think most people shy away from showing that they are so active on social media for the followers that have, but she comes off as genuinely enjoying the platform as well as the pictures she posts. I recently read a post on her blog about becoming a freelancer and I appreciated her honesty about what she's learned along the way (including the sponsorship aspect that many people try to avoid discussing). 

I also can't forget to mention how much work obviously goes into her blog. She posts incredibly regularly and the content is always fresh and new. I applaud anyone who "hustles" that much with something they enjoy and it always makes me feel that much more motivated in my journey. 

3) superlatively rude

Laura Jane Williams has recently become one of my biggest inspirations in terms of going from a 9-5 offie job to a career as a writer within a few years just from working on her blog and putting everything into her writing. I picked up her book Becoming and even though I haven't had enough time to really plow through it, I've been loving the writing style and the overall story she's telling. Although she doesn't blog as often anymore (she's a busy author, after all) I still pop over to her blog and read some of her older posts. All are so beautifully written with an intensity and honesty that I only wish I had the guts to emulate on my own blog. 

Who are your favourite bloggers?