An Updated Minimalist Makeup Routine


September was a month where I took the liberty to try some new products and introduce some new brands into my skincare and makeup routines without the fear of not feeling like myself. I've always said on this blog that I'm not the biggest fan of liquid foundation, but I did my research and picked up a new one that's been working wonderfully for me. So, for today's post I thought I would write out my updated minimalist makeup routine seeing as a fair amount of people enjoyed reading my first one. Most of the products will be the same, but there are some new ones in there that I've brought into rotation and have been using religiously. 

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MAKE UP FOR EVER ULTRA HD FOUNDATION: This product took me a lot of time to research and really decide if it was right for me. I'd read a few other blogger reviews and all of them seemed to be pretty happy with the foundation, so I took that as a good sign. The last thing I wanted was something full coverage that wiped out any distinguishing features on my face altogether. I like seeing a few characteristics peaking out through my makeup while still being able to cover up any unwanted blemishes or redness.

I first went to Sephora and asked for a sample before actually purchasing the product and I'm so glad I did because I know that if I bought it at my current shade (a few weeks after returning from Cuba) It would be too dark for me in the winter months when I lose my colour. The texture is smooth, but not too watery which is great when applying it and having control over where it goes. 


MAC SOFT & GENTLE: This is such a staple in my collection, not necessarily because it's the only highlighter I like, but because there is so much product that I've barely made a dent in it since I bought it. I can honestly say that MAC's product amount is worth the price you pay because of how long they last, both in the package and on your face. I've also stated in a previous post that I'm not going to be buying any more makeup until I finish their counterparts, so this one will probably stay in my routine for a while. 

HOURGLASS BLUSH IN 'MOOD EXPOSURE': I've mentioned this blush before and it's still my favourite. I'll usually just pop a bit of it on when I'm not wearing a pink lip. A little goes a long way so I plan on taking my time using this one and not having to replenish any time soon.    


CHARLOTTE TILBURY INSTANT LOOK IN A PALETTE: I bought this palette a year or two ago and rarely used it, but recently I really got into using the gold eyeshadow in step 2. It's the perfect shade that seemed to match my newly tanned skin after vacation. I usually pair this with the Urban Decay eyeshadow primer because the shadow tends to crease throughout the day. However, it glides on incredibly smoothly and is more of a shimmer rather than a glitter type of shade.

MAC EYESHADOW IN 'COQUETTE' This is another recent favourite that I picked up when trying to match a shade to a very old one I used to have. Because my eyes protrude slightly I learned that the best eyeshadows to create that sunken look are greyish mattes. This one is the perfect shade to also bring out the slight bit of green in my eyes without being too harsh or heavy. I don't use a primer with this one because I don't put the shadow on my entire lid, just above the lashes. I also like the slightly faded look without the primer. 

MAC BROW KIT: I've been using this almost every day since I bought it and the love for it is still strong. As someone who knows nothing about brows, this makes me feel a bit more put together before I leave the house and works to bring out my features that much more. 

MAYBELLINE LASH SENSATIONAL MASCARA: I've talked a lot on this blog about how much I love Better Than Sex mascara, but it is fairly pricey so sometimes I opt for a more affordable option. Lash Sensational is my favourite drug store mascara at the moment. It nicely separates the lashes while also providing some fullness. It also comes off easily with my Biotherm face wash and that's always a key feature in the mascaras I wear. 


TOO FACED LIPSTICK IN 'SPICE SPICE BABY': This is the perfect 'my lips but better' colour and I've found myself reaching for it when I don't really know what lipstick to wear. It goes nicely with any makeup look and is moisturizing enough that I don't need to add any lip balm to it. 

SMITH'S ROSEBUD SALVE: This is key when entering the colder months. It's been my favourite lip balm for the last year because of the smooth texture and gentle scent. Honestly, it's basically just Vaseline, but I like the tube it comes in as it's easy to reach for and apply when I'm out and about or working at my desk. 

What's in your minimalist makeup routine?