October Favourites


Another month, another list of favourites. I don't want to get too in depth with this post because I have a fair amount of favourites and don't want it to get too long. Something I've noticed about myself is that my interests change (sometimes dramatically) within a few weeks time. Because of this quirk, you'll probably see my favourites as being all over the place. I'll typically get obsessed with something new that I want to try to the point where I impulsively go after it before enjoying it then moving on to something else. I've always been like that and I don't necessarily find it a negative quality. But it does mean that every month's favourite posts will have something different and out of character for me. 

1) Moleskin Notebook

I've been doing a lot more journaling this month and my Moleskin notebook has been very useful for that. I usually try to throw it in my bag before I leave for work in case I feel the urge to do some writing on my commute or lunch break. I've tried to branch off from standard journal writing (where I write about my day) and tried to incorporate some more creative writing as a form of self-expression.  

2) Men's Sweaters

If you've been following my blog you'll know that I have an affinity for oversized sweaters. I usually buy mine from H&M, but recently I've decided to dip my toes in the men's departments and have found that they give the perfect oversized look I'm always searching for. Currently I've been loving this brownish/red sweater from the men's department at the GAP. 


3) Library Card

I think the last time I took a book out of the public library was back in high school when I was writing essays. When I entered university I mainly used the libraries on campus and bought any novels I needed for my classes. However, I've recently rediscovered how convenient it is to drop by the library on my day off and pick up a few books instead of always buying them. This is great if you don't know whether or not you'll actually like a novel and don't want to commit to having it in your personal library. 

4) Black Opium

I've had this perfume in my collection for a while now, but only just rediscovered it. It's the perfect sweet, but dark scent for fall and it lasts all day long. While I love my Chanel Mademoiselle, it doesn't last very long and I feel like I have to reapply it throughout the day. Black Opium is what I've been reaching for as the days have gotten a bit colder here in Toronto. 

5) Mind Hunter

I started watching this show on the recommendations of pretty much everyone I know. If you're a true crime fan like I am then this is a great show that combines the true crime world with a few fictional characters. Without giving too much away, it follows the FBI as they develop the term 'serial killer' while interviewing a few infamous ones. 


6) Hemlock Grove

The main reason I started watching this show was for Bill Skarsgard. Ever since I watched It, I couldn't get over how great his performance was and wanted to explore some other work he's been in. It's a show that incorporates the fantastical world of werewolves and possibly vampires(?). I'm not too sure yet as I'm still on the first season. While some acting and scene construction is a bit cheesy, it has me hooked on figuring what is really going on in this eerie town. 

7) Sensationail

This was one of those aforementioned random obsessions. I fell down a dark Youtube hole of fake nail videos and decided I wanted to try them for the first time. However, seeing as I'm more of a DIY kind of person I decided to start off with press ons and see how I like them before potentially committing to a salon visit. I can honestly say that they were super easy to apply and file to my liking and seem fairly sturdy on my nails. I applied one that was too big for one finger (not great if you want them to last for a while) and had a difficult time to take it off, which is a good sign in terms of their longevity. If you're a beginner like me then I'd recommend this brand just for fun and special occasions. It'll take a while to apply them, but practice makes perfect. 

What are your October Favourites?