The Skin Care Switch-Up


My skin care routine has always left something to be desired, ever since I started really focusing on it in high school. For the longest time I would just use cleanser and moisturizer because that's all I really had the patience for and all I felt like I needed. And, to be honest, I really didn't need much more than that until recently. Full disclosure, my skin is pretty good; I only get a few major breakouts right before my period and that's always so unexpected that I'm sent into a spiral of panic. 

But, once my hormones settle down and my skin gets back to normal, I can examine it and what it really needs so that it's taken care of properly. I have fairly normal skin, but it is on the drier side - that is, when I cleanse it, it feels stripped until I slather on moisturizer, but then I'm pretty good for the rest of the day. This is why I only ever paid attention to cleansing an moisturizing for the longest time. However, in anticipation of my 26th birthday I decided it was time to invest a bit of money and properly formulate a skin care routine that works for me. 


For a about a year and a bit now I've been using Biotherm's Purifying Foam Cleanser. I, honestly, don't see myself switching cleansers any time soon because it's been working wonders for my skin. Not only does it remove all my makeup at the end of the day, but it also leaves my skin feeling clean and fresh, unlike my attempt at using an old favourite, the La Roche-Posay cleansing gel. It's also fairly inexpensive for a high end brand, and also comes with companion products in the skin care line if you don't really know where to start with your own routine.  



I've always hated the feeling of rough patches on my skin and never really knew that there was a product to take care of that. I recently picked up the Biotherm Daily Exfoliating Melting Cleanser because I wanted one that I could use daily without it tearing through my skin. It has fine grains of pumice stone in it an leaves my skin feeling incredibly soft. I honestly can't believe that I haven't used something like this before - it's been a life changer in trying to achieve baby-soft skin. 


After cleanser I will sometimes use a mask, depending on my skin's needs. The only issues I ever really have is breakouts, so I've been using the Origin's Out Of Trouble clay mask. It's the best acne treatment I've used thus far, but because of this, it's not recommended to be used every night. So, I'll usually do a few spot treatments on problem areas rather than a full face because it does tend to sting a little bit on the more sensitive areas of the face. However, it actually resolves a pimple over night so I'm making sure to pack this alone for any of my future travels. 


I've only recently started using toner and, to be honest, tend to forget from time to time. I never really understood its use or its importance so I would forgo that step in my routine to save a bit of time at night. However, I've learned that if I want to help prevent those annoying breakouts, then toner is necessary. So, I decided to try out the Pixi Glow Tonic, as recommended by From Roses. My favourite aspect of toner is how fresh it leaves your skin feeling, so I'm hoping to continue incorporating that into my daily routine. 



Serum was something I didn't even know about until February of this year. Had no idea of its purpose or existence, until I took my mom for a facial at Pure + Simple and the aesthetician told me that a serum would be good in locking in moisture after cleansing. Up until recently I was using the Pure + Simple Hydration Serum, which I loved, but it was fairly expensive and I wanted to dip my toes in another brand.

I really wanted to try out The Ordinary's hyaluronic acid, but it was sold out at every shop I went to. Not really being able to justify online shipping prices for a $5 product, I've opted to just wait for it to be restocked. So, as of now I am not using a serum. 


Moisturizer is the most comforting part of my skin care because of how dry my skin feels once I've gone through the previous steps. I love the feeling of slathering on one with a creamy consistency and my current favourite is Pond's Dry Skin Cream. Not only is it inexpensive (since moisturizers typically cost $40 for any higher end brand), but it smells great and has been the best at locking in moisture overnight. 

Eye Cream

This has been the newest addition to my skin care routine, and one that's come with a lot of praise. I recently bought the Kiehls' Avocado Eye Cream for my dark circles and have incorporated that into my nighttime routine. This product was fairly expensive, at around $38, but you only need a tiny amount to cover the bottom of each eye so I expect to have it for a while. I've only been using it for a few weeks (on and off), but I have noticed a small difference in the colour of my dark circles. I'm sure nothing can completely eradicate them, but lessening their presence is just as great. 

Have you switched up your skin care routine recently?