My Favourite Props For Blog Pictures


It can be pretty overwhelming to start a blog in today's online environment. There are so many established, beautiful looking blogs out there that I'm sure many new bloggers don't really know where to start in order to achieve similar aesthetics. I launched my blog initially in 2015 when the blogosphere as we know it today was really kicking off and then revamped it in 2016 in order to keep up. But, in all honestly, no one is the same, so why should our blogs be?

In today's post I wanted to pass on some survival tips when it comes to blog photography for those who don't want to rely on stock photos or graphics for their posts. I know that many "serious" blogs use intricately designed graphics to pull people in from Pinterest, but I like the artistic aspect of owning a blog and would rather take the time to create a pretty layout on my bedroom floor or living room coffee table. Sure, it takes longer and gets messy, but that allows me to create the kind of art I enjoy. Here are a few of the blog props I think are useful for anyone who's never really worked with flat lay or set photography and needs help elevating their blog's aesthetic. 


1) Books

These are perfect for creating the look and feel of a very classic arty environment. Pair that with a record player and you're set. Books allow you to also play with colour schemes based on the cover pages, as well as thematic elements depending on which pages you choose to have featured in the picture. They are also a great way to decorate a house so, it's easy to create a cozy atmosphere with them on your blog. 

2) Candles

Candles are another way to make your pictures look cozy. I tend to take my pictures without the candles being lit, but if you want a more yellow toned, etherial vibe in your pictures then having them lit and flickering would be a good option. Again, it's easy to use them to play with colour schemes depending on the container they are in. I'm also trying my best to avoid the Diptyque candle trend, because candles should not be that expensive. I buy mine from Winners for about $7. 

3) Fake Plants

What's not to love about fake plants? They give your place a pop of green without the added burden of having to remember to water them and the devastation when they begin to die. I love using a fake bouquet and a fake potted plant in my pictures for a pop of colour and a more lively look rather than just a bland background. 


4) Laptop

Using your laptop is the easiest way to show your readers that you are, in fact, living the life of a blogger. I am completely glued to my laptop, so when I showcase it in my photography it adds an important element that is usually behind the scenes in blog creation and maintenance. Pair this with a pretty book and that can be the best and simplest picture for a lifestyle blog. 

5) White Bristol Board

I've probably mentioned this tip on my blog before, but I will typically use white bristol board to feign the appearance of white walls. I currently live in an apartment with grey walls, and that doesn't always work with the aesthetic I want to create, so I opted for a cheaper option than repainting the place. Bristol board is also great for flat lays because it's easy to add on other dimensions and bring your picture to life. 

What are your favourite props for blog photos?