Friday Feels: A Change In Direction


The past month has flown by incredibly quickly and I think this feeling is due to how much my mindset has changed in that time. I gave daily blogging a good try (much longer than I did back in March) but I eventually realized that it just wasn't feasible for my lifestyle and what I was trying to create. I guess for a while I had convinced myself that I could push myself as hard as I needed to to produce enough (good) content to full up months worth of post days, but it's not as easy as it can be made to look. 

This blogging journey (much like the one back in March) has taught me a bit more about what kind of art I want to create and how I should be delegating my efforts. I love to write and blogging is a type of writing I really enjoy doing, however, there are also many other types of writing that I enjoy and have left somewhat neglected the past few months. I've always been the kind of person who can really get bored of something if I force myself to do it every day, and that's how I've started to feel with my blog. The last thing I want is to hate doing something that has given me pleasure the past two years. 

So, I've made the decision to go back to posting only once a week on my blog. This will give me the opportunity to work more on my fiction writing (hopefully finishing my novel that's been in the works for a while), build up my flash fiction blog, and look for more freelance work on the side. I was beginning to feel stifled by my blog when I was posting on it daily and that's never a good sign. It's important to know when you've had too much of something good and that time has come for me. 

This doesn't meant that I'll never post more than once a week again in the future. Or that if the inspiration comes I'll stop myself from popping up another post for fun. It just means that for right now there are a few more things I'd like to add to my life that will give me enjoyment. Although, I do tend to change my mind fairly often, so we'll see what the future holds. But stay tuned for future posts about style, beauty and (hopefully) the occasional post about my writing journey.