Finding Your Blogging Style & Doing You


Okay, so I've been blogging A LOT lately and it's taught me a few things about who I am and what I like. From when I first started this blog back in 2015, then revamped it in September 2016, up until now I've gone through so many aesthetic and content changes that it may seem like 10 different people are writing Katsomething.

This always troubled me because I would read other blogs and their writers seemed so put together and understanding of who they were as people and creators. Meanwhile, I struggled to put all my thoughts into words and even considered not talking about any personal beliefs because I didn't think anyone would want to read about them. But then again, what is a blog if not a dumping spot for my beliefs, dreams, ideals, art, etc?

This past year has seen many changes to my style and I've kind of been all over the place. This isn't a post declaring that I've finally found who I am and what my true aesthetic is - I'd instantly contradict myself because I'm currently in the midst of switching things up once again. Today's post is more about accepting that nothing is set in stone when it comes to your blog and just riding the wave of who you are and what you enjoy at any given time. 

I'll admit right now that I don't know what my style is because I find it hard to objectively look at myself and my work. However, I know how I've gotten to the point I'm at and what feels genuine and authentic versus what feels forced and formulaic.


1) First and foremost, do what feels good. There's no point creating something that doesn't feel right. 

2) Take inspiration from what's in your real life instead of what you see online. It's easy to fall victim to alluring lifestyles that are almost impossible to replicate. 

3) Stop yearning for things to look different and change them (within your capabilities). If you would rather have a white background for every photo, then consider repainting your place or finding cheaper substitutes.

4) Take notice of the responses you get when dabbling in new styles. Sometimes others can see you better than you see yourself. 

5) Sometimes you need to fail in order to learn what you need to do to succeed. Of course it's scary, but can also be necessary in getting you back on track toward a more purposeful goal. 

6) Don't think you have to have it all figured out right away. Play around, have fun, learn knew things and the art you like to create will find you. 

How have you found your blogging style?