This may be an easy topic to explore if you are someone who is incredibly confident and outspoken—I am neither of those things and yet I am still going to attempt and articulate my thoughts on the importance of self-approval. I that many times when I try to pursue something new I will instantly consider what other people with think of me if I decide to do it. Will this change the image of me in their mind? Does this mean I am no longer the person I had previously put into a specific category?  

These thoughts plague my mind and sometimes even stop me from trying new things. This ranges from what I decide to wear to what my career path should be and, to be honest, it is quite exhausting at times. It seems silly to even consider the idea of outside opinion affecting my own life so much, but I’ve realized it is much more present than I thought it was. Another goal I have for 2017 is to stop considering opinions that I don’t care about as more important than my own. Not only is that very problematic when trying to create the life I want to live, but also when trying to be the best person I can without constant anxiety and worry. 

For today’s post I decided I wanted to outline a few reasons why I want to stop caring what others think about me. This is a reminder more than anything and a bit of motivation for anyone who feels the same way I do.

1)     You are the only person living your life

2)     It will only make you question your own decisions

3)     Advice is different than judgment; only one should be acceptable from a stranger

4)     If you don’t, you will be trapped by your own self image

5)     No one should have that much power over you

6)     Your life will never look like what you want it to if you are overcautious

7)     The fear of standing up to your family’s expectations will make you feel like a proper adult

8)     Admiring some else’s life is different than being jealous of it. All of our individual paths look different, but that doesn’t mean they are lesser.

9)     If a choice made against popular opinion fails that doesn’t make them right, it makes you know that much more what you really want

10)   Life is about having fun the way you want to