I’m going to start by saying that I’m not a beauty guru or expert in any way. I mean, that’s probably evident from any previous makeup posts I’ve written, but I can’t deny that I get some enjoyment out of the ritual of makeup and skincare that is very hard to articulate. Following my previous post on minimalism and being sparse when it comes to my possessions, I want to discuss a few products that have been the most useful to me and that I think I will be using for a very long time because of the value they have brought into my life.

At 25 I can finally say that I kind of (maybe) know my skin and what makes it look good to me. This isn’t to say that it doesn’t act erratically sometimes and throws me for a loop—on the contrary, I’m always tiptoeing around my skin, worried that it’ll turn on me. But, after having used the products below with fairly good results, I thought I’d share what I like about them and why they make up my “daily base”.


I’ve talked about the MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation way too much, but I can’t help it. I have never been a fan of liquid foundations (even though I own 4, ugh!), so this product is exactly what I need. It smoothes out my skin tone, gives me a porcelain-like finish, and is incredibly easy to touch up throughout the day. A lot of people aren’t big fans of the “powdery” look, but I like it much more than the trendy dewy skin that’s been taking over, especially since the oil on my skin will typically absorb any excess powder throughout the day. I’ve recently hit pan with this product and am already planning ahead to buy a new one when the time comes.


This is probably the most vital product in any skin care routine, but so many moisturizers can be so expensive that it doesn’t leave me many options. I understand that the skin on our face is different than the skin on our body, but it seems strange to me that a hand lotion can be 5 dollars and a moisturizer for the face will be upwards of 30. I think that the most important feature of my moisturizers is SPF and a light texture because anything too thick will give me acne.

I’ve gone through so many in my time and the last one I used was by Biotherma, however that one is roughly 50 dollars, much more than I think is necessary. The main thing I love about this one is the gel-like texture, however it has not SPF which is slowly deterred me from it. Since I’ve run out, I’ve been using an Aveeno moisturizer with SPF 30 as a backup, but I will be on the lookout for something I like a bit more and with a good price tag.


I always keep a concealer on me for the days when a random blemish decides to appear on my chin or forehead. There isn’t much to a concealer other than it being able to cover up any discolouration, but I’ve found that some can look extremely cakey. My favourite one thus far is the Maybelline Fit Me concealer. It has the perfect texture with a good amount of coverage and is fairly inexpensive. If I have an especially aggressive spot on my face, I’ll reach for my smash box concealer, but too much of it can be very noticeable on the skin.


I love me a good shimmery lid so an eyelid primer is key to make it last all day, especially since I have somewhat hooded eyes that smudge easily. Currently I am using a primer from Urban Decay, but the consistency is a bit too thick, although it works like a charm. I might opt for a Too Faced primer next time seeing as I get a lot of use out of this product but think I can find something a bit thinner in texture.


And finally, the lips. The main attraction of the face, other than the eyes. On a regular day, I will reach for a moisturizing lip balm to slather on my lips. There’s nothing worse that feeling that first crack and it not healing for a week or two. My favourite one at the moment is the Smith’s Rosebud Salve tube in the strawberry scent. It’s basically just Vaseline in a tube, but it’s much easier to apply and smells delicious.

Do you have any suggestions for simple, every day products?