I like to think of myself as a creative person, but a lot of the time I feel very stuck when it actually comes down to creating things. It’s almost impossible these days to come up with an idea or content that is different than anyone else’s. Even this topic that I’m currently writing about has probably been discussed by another blogger in a different way. Thoughts like that can be very discouraging when you feel like you’ve created something different or unique, only to see it already existing somewhere else. Suddenly, your creative project is now just a replica of another and it makes you want to stop creating.

If there is anything that my four years in university taught me (the most creative years of my life) is that creativity flows when you are pushed to do it. That may seem to defeat the purpose of creativity and freedom of expression, but without a bit of a nudge there’s no real way to see what you are made of. Even if you feel like your content has been somewhere else before—like it's a vagabond of minds, only stopping by yours for a quick meal and a rest—it has never been done the way you do it (except for plagiarism, of course). What I mean by this is that no matter how many blogs out there discuss makeup, fashion and lifestyle (like mine does), you are the only person experiencing it that particular way.

At first I was apprehensive talking about makeup because I figured so many people had already discussed it on multiple platforms that I couldn’t add anything new to the robust online discourse, however there is always a particular point of view someone takes on a topic that affects how it's discussed. Things aren’t always cookie-cutter, even though from a distance they may appear that way. We could all be all be wearing the same Nike sneakers and blush pink sweater (*cough* *cough*), but each of us will be experiencing it in a different way. Our blog or Instagram pictures may look similar, perhaps because that's the way we would like to display our experience, but our content and what we chose to include in it is what ultimately illustrates our creative perception towards it.

My blogging resolution for the rest of 2016 is to not be afraid to be “basic”. That word has been thrown around a lot lately and I think it makes many people question their experiences simply because they may be based on the same items as another group of people. We may all be exposed to the same things, but the way we regurgitate this back out into the world varies based on our own personalities. The main thing that prompted this post was my recent conversion to Squarespace. While I love the platform and the way it makes my blog look, I’ve noticed that most of the inspiration I’ve gotten for my layout is from other bloggers whose layouts are also similar to each others. This may be seen as “basic” or not creative, but I have no qualms with it because when it comes down to the content, it will all be different.

My main aspiration for my blog is to let my personality seep through my content more, because that’s one thing that can’t be replicated unlike the relatively small selection of Squarespace blocks. I have also been inspired by seeing a lot of other bloggers who post about the same topics supporting each other because the person behind the blog and their experience is what drives it.

I hope this post made sense; I just really had to get this off my chest.

Let me know how you feel about blogging and creating content.

ThoughtsKaterina Eleftheriou