Moving out on my own has been something I’ve been dreaming about for a long time. Not that I had any issues with my family, but sharing a space with 5 other people took its toll and I had begun to feel stifled. During my university years when I spent most of my time in my bedroom working on essays was when I realized that I needed more space just to allow myself to escape. Being enclosed in the same 4 walls was beginning to drive me nuts and made me feel like I wasn’t really changing or evolving along with my increasing age.

Now that I have moved out with my boyfriend, I have begun feeling my limbs flex a bit like an animal out of a cage. Seeing as I didn’t have many things at my parent’s house, the move wasn’t incredibly difficult. I don’t want to refer to this post as “How To Move”, however, I’ve compiled a short list of a few things you’ll need and need to know before the anticipated transition. These are based off of my own experience and my don't necessarily apply to all situations, but I think I’ve covered the basis of what's important.


If you know me at all, you’ll know that tend to worry about things, which leads me to planning a lot of things months in advance. This was no different. I began with a list of everything I knew I wanted to take with me and things that were tentative. After that, I began going through my wardrobe to have a look at everything I owned. Seeing as I don’t have a very big closet or dresser, that wasn’t really a big upheaval, but it’s good to know your inventory beforehand, especially if the new place isn’t very big.

Once I had an idea of everything I was going to take with me, I began boxing up or bagging it all. Luckily, I didn’t have to empty out my dresser drawers, just simply transported them individually to the new place and put the dresser back together again. The clothes in the closet were a bit trickier to move because they tended to fall off the hangers. The best way I figured out to move them was to grab as many hangers are I could with the clothes still on them, fold them over on themselves, and put them in a recycling bag. That way when I pulled them out, most of the clothes were still on the hangers.


As mentioned previously, some places aren’t that big so I knew I was going to have to leave some things behind, especially the countless pairs of shoes I have. Luckily my parents were fine housing my old things (my boyfriend had most of the necessities, like a bed and tables), so I was able to bring everything that I thought I needed to the new place. And for all the things I wasn’t sure of, I just tossed them out. There was not point wasting time or space on items that didn’t bring me joy.


Cleaning the new place beforehand is very important—no one wants to move their things into a dusty, unoccupied space. We decided that before we set any of our stuff up, we would give the floors and cabinets a good cleaning. We wanted to move into a new place, not one that looked haunted. Once we’d finished dusting, mopping, and disinfecting, we happily set up our dressers and bed with a nice breeze coming in from the windows.


The reason there is a question mark beside this tip is because most people paint their new place before they move their belongs in. That way they have more room to move around while painting and avoid splattering or making their belongs smell of paint. I didn't do this—I like to think it’s because I’m not like most people—but the reality is that I was lazy and thought I would get used to the colour the walls already were. I didn’t. They are a medium grey shade that was poorly painted with a bunch of patches throughout. While the colour itself is not awful, it makes our place look a lot smaller than I’d like and leaves a very gloomy look, especially on rainy days.

After some deliberation and a lot of annoyance, I’ve decided that I would like to paint the walls white so as to bring more like into our living room and bedroom and avoid the winter blues. While this is going to be a bigger project than I think I’m ready for, I’m fairly excited to start the process and watch the transformation of our space into something we enjoy being in. Look forward to a post about the painting process and my tips on how to budget and paint effectively.


This was definitely the most tiring part of the move, as expected. Once we got all our stuff into the apartment, I just wanted to flop on the bed for a nap, but I knew that we needed to get most of it done with the looming work week ahead. And so, determined and tired, we began unpacking the boxes, setting up our furniture and making everything look somewhat presentable before we went to bed that night. Our technique was to tackle a room separately before moving on to the next. This way we were able to focus our energy and finish most of the unpacking at a reasonable time.

I hoped you liked these tips. How did/would you move into your place?

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