I've always loved television and now with the change in weather it's been much easier to stay cuddled up in bed watching a good show. From comedies to drama to horror, I've seen it all and will probably be watching a lot more. In today's post I thought I'd briefly discuss some of the shows I've been currently obsessed with.


Okay, so I’m not currently watching this because my boyfriend and I finished it in about 5 days time. But I couldn’t very well put up a post about current TV shows and not include this one. It’s astounding to me how well the writers captured both the horror and sci-fi genre, merging them into something terrifying and incredibly intriguing. Not only was the acting great, but the characters themselves were so well-developed that the feeling of loss and separation among the people in the story was palpable. Small town stories have always been my favourite and this show perfectly exhibits the horror of a small town, not only with what happens (I won’t spoil the plot), but also with the people living within it. This is a must watch if you like horror, mystery or sci-fi.


The world of hackers is not something I ever thought I would get into, but Mr. Robot is so enthralling and unique that I haven’t been able to stop since the first episode. The themes of consumerism and social communication resonate with me and, I’m sure, with the many fans this show, which keeps it feeling real and not like a cheesy 90’s movie. The most interesting part of this show is that this could be—probably is—happening in our world at this very moment. While the main character suffers from losing grasp of his reality, so do we as we discover how intricate and scary this underground world of hackers is.


I never thought I’d enjoy watching a show about crime spoken mostly in Spanish as much as I enjoy Narcos, but this has been the second show my boyfriend and I have binge watched in just a few days. Despite it’s very real and severe story lines, Narcos gives you an in depth look at a story that many people were once witnessed to from the perspective of the “villain”. I use quotation marks because I have always had an affinity for the antagonists in stories and the depiction of Pablo Escobar made me feel just the same. I even caught myself rooting for him a couple of times. Watching these political and ethical struggles unfold on screen kept me coming back for more and is sure to fill up your entire weekend.

What have you been watching lately?


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