I think I’ve finally begun finding the products that work best for me after years of playing around with some not-so great stuff. It seems like almost everything month I pick up something new that doesn’t really do anything to improve my complexion, help style my hair, or is worth the money at all. But, recently I’ve managed to be spot on with my purchases and actually enjoy using them everyday instead of trying to finish them so that I can buy something different. Below are a few of the items I’ve been using and will definitely be repurchasing in the future.


This is a new addition to my dresser top and is still in the testing process, but so far I’ve really enjoyed using it. Not only does it smell delicious, but also gives the skin a bit of a glow and freshens it up (the name makes sense!). Seeing as I typically wear a powder on my face instead of liquid foundation or BB cream, the primer does not work the best with it. I’ve noticed that it tends to clump some of the powder up in certain spots on my face. However, whenever I use it with my LaRoche Posay BB cream, it makes it last all day without any running or smudging—a typical reason why I never used to wear BB creams for long period of time. I’m excited to continue using this and see how it handles other products throughout the day.


After coming down from the high of Better Than Sex by Too faced, this Maybelline mascara could not compare for a very long time. I found that the spoon-shaped brush was too difficult to use. However, After a bit of practicing and giving the product a few more chances based on all the raving review of it online, I got the hang of how to position the wand so as to coat all my lashes evenly. While it doesn’t give as much intense volume as I’ve been used to with Better Than Sex, it's the perfect mascara for every day wear. The formula is thick and sticky without become clumpy, which means that it doesn’t run throughout the day as my eyes tend to water from time to time. That being said, it's easily removable with my cleanser at the end of that day without leaving any leftover black smudges beneath my eyes. I’m wearing it at this very moment and enjoy how light my eyelashes feel, unlike how heavy some mascaras make them. Not to mention, the packaging is adorable!


This product has been my tried and true since the first time I used it. Seeing as I have fairly thin hair, it tends to get oily pretty quickly. I used to combat this by washing it every day, but that isn’t exactly good for your hair, so I started experimenting with dry shampoos. I even used baby powder for a while, which helped greatly, but doesn’t compare to the Batiste dry shampoo. Not only is it easy and mess-free to apply, it also smells great and gives your hair the perfect amount of volume without leaving it too textured and unmanageable for the rest of the day. I’ve gone through multiple cans of this stuff, and hate that they don’t a bigger size for avid users like me. My favourite of the line is the standard green one because it leaves the hair with a soft, lemon scent and isn’t too overpowering.


I finally took the plunge that so many woman have and bought myself a Chanel perfume. I wanted to opt for the classic No. 5, but I didn’t feel like the scent really matched my natural scent and style. It was fairly mature and a bit masculine with very deep notes. After smelling multiple bottles, I settled on Mademoiselle because it has that soft, powdery scent that I love with a bit of sweetness. It also lasts a fair amount of time on the skin and clothes, which is important when spending a significant amount on a perfume. This might be my new go-to after years of using the same $30 dollar scent.


My obsession for this doesn’t really need to be explained because I’m sure many people feel the same way. As someone who doesn’t wear liquid foundation, or even a lot of BB cream, this was the perfect option for smoothing out my skin tone and removing any excess shine from my T-Zone. Now that my skin is back to normal after the few months of constant breakouts, I am back to using this just to cover up any discolouration on days when I want an effortless look. I also enjoy how easy it is to apply—no fussing around with creams, just a few swipes of a brush and you’re done!


This is another product that I’ve heard a ton about online so I thought I’d give it a try myself. Sure enough, it was just as good as the hype. I’ve never really been one to use a bunch of concealer, just primarily on any blemishes, but this has been perfect for my under eye circles. The formula is smooth and easy to blend without looking to heavy under the eye, or settling into any lines. At the same time, it has a good amount of coverage and gets rid of a lot of the blue tones in my skin.

What are your favourite products of the month?

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