Winter can be a daunting time and I tend to stay at home most evenings, doing some reading or catching up on some TV shows (what else is new?). However, I find it especially difficult to be as social as I’d like to be when the snow is falling hard and being huddled under blankets seems more appealing than friendship. It’s is even difficult maintaining a certain level of excitement and adventure in a romantic relationship when all the two of you do is cuddle up on the couch in sweats.

Considering the weather in Toronto is still nice enough to trot around in my spring coat and a blanket scarf, I thought a bit of planning for the months to come would be a good idea. I find that it is easy to run out of events during the colder months, especially when the city isn’t as lively as it is during the summer. Here are a few things I plan on doing, both indoors and out, this season.

         1)     Drinking bizarrely flavoured teas

         2)     Ice Skating (somewhat well)

         3)     Crafts/ Making Jewelry

         4)     Decorating for the holidays

         5)     Organizing my home & work space

         6)     Going to a concert

         7)     Finally finishing my backlog of books

         8)     Budgeting more for when the days become warmer and shopping is actually fun

         9)     Having wine and cheese parties

         10)   Sleeping more