It’s that time of the year again where staying in bed feels better than going outside and a light jacket might no longer cut it on a long walk. Despite how much of a fall fan I am, it’s hard finding the right clothes for every mood swing the weather has, so I’ve done a few quick runs to the Gap to pick up some additional outfits for both my office job and my part-time retail job. Both necklaces in these photos have been made by me, as previously mentioned, and are simple enough to match any outfit as well as being easily layered together. I’ve worn the long drop necklace for almost two weeks straight now, unapologetically.


My favourite pieces for the past year have been thick, oversized sweaters and I couldn’t help picking up another one that falls just under my bum and mimics a tunic. I bought it in a size large to give me that slouchy look so many of us try to achieve. There is also my unspoken obsession with finding the perfect sized scarf that’s both light enough to not be overwhelming, but wide enough to wrap me up like a hot dog in a bun. I haven’t reached that goal yet, but have recently found this men’s plaid scarf at the Gap, which is nice and soft for chilly days.


There is also the infamous plaid shirt that may be completely overexposed at this point, but always something cozy to reach for when you’re out of ideas. Considering I have brown hair, I decided to go for a green patterned shirt for good contrast and aimed for a size just big enough but without too much unnecessary fabric for a casual look.


When it comes to lounge wear, I haven’t stepped out of my warm Christmas themed long johns. They’ve been perfect for cuddling up and watching the same three movies on repeat when I don’t really want to do any work around the house.

Any looks you’ve loved this season?

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