These books have been sitting on my bookshelf for what feels like an eternity. I always tend to splurge on a few books as a means of getting me back in the mood of reading and not binge watching shows on Netflix (*ahem*), but my reading habits are in a constant flux. Some days I’m just feeling the whole reading vibe, curled up on my couch with a cute cup of tea next to me and other days I want to be huddled under my blankets with only the glare of my laptop screen as a source of light.

As you can see, these books are all quite different in style, which is why they are up next on my reading list. I find it hard going from one book to another with a similar theme unless I’ve decided to focus on a particular genre, such as autobiographies.

Gillian Flynn has been on my radar since Gone Girl was released in theatres, but I might be the only person who enjoyed the book way more. I am excited to dive back into the dark tone of her stories and the intricate personalities of her characters that I favour in any novels I read.

Because I am such a horror movie fan I thought that Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children would be a good novel to pick up for that eerie plot I always tend to crave. I have gone primarily off online recommendations for this book, so I don’t really know much else about it other than its reliance on pictures to convey it’s story.

Finally there is The Winter’s Tale. This was a book I bought for my Shakespeare course in university, but never got around to actually reading it. By the end of the semester I was just tired and ready to get out for the summer so this play was put on the back burner for about…3 years. From what I understand it is one of the more whimsical stories Shakespeare has created so I am intrigued by the small synopsis I have read.

Any books you’re interested in?