Hello Friends!

I just wanted to pop on here for a bit of a blogging update before we close of 2016. There have been a few things I've been wanting to discuss and explain as we enter the new year and I become a bit more serious about my platform and the content I present.

As you may or may not have noticed, the past 2 months I've been experimenting with my blog from the types of photos I take to topics I discuss and the days I chose to post. I've gone from fairly bright white photos to testing out some darker backgrounds to see what really fits in with my aesthetic. I think this is important for any creator to avoid backing themselves up into a corner when the aesthetic they set out to achieve doesn't really match their personality. I want to be as genuine as possible on this blog and that includes every aspect of it. 

In the past year of posting I've gone from one day a week, to four, then to 3 and now I've settled on writing two posts a week every Tuesday and Thursday. I believe that this amount is perfect for what I am trying to achieve, which is consistent, meaningful content that i think is valuable and interesting rather than just fluff to fill up a quota that I made up for myself. 

Despite having had a blog since high school, the concept 

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