Mascara has always been my favourite part of any makeup look as I feel like it really ties it all up. From what I can remember from my childhood, my mom would always wear layers of mascara and I would watch her coat her lashes for days in front of the mirror. While I may not opt for the heavy top and bottom coats, I really can’t leave the house for a day of work or outings without putting some on my top lashes. With that being said, it’s not unlikely that I’ll go through many tubes in a short span of time or have a few different brands in my makeup bag that I rotate between. Since my birthday has just past and I’m a fan of the “treat yoself” motto, I’ve ended up with 4 different mascaras in my collection at the moment and I thought it would be interesting for any other mascara lovers if I did a quick review of them. I’m thinking of continuing this series any time I have a few in rotation, just so the comparison is obvious enough that I can provide a detailed explanation.

TOO FACED, BETTER THAN SEX: This is by far my favourite mascara out of all the brands I’ve tried, so it’s a bit difficult to compare it to others because it will always reign supreme to me. I’ve seen a few reviews of people who aren’t big fans of it, indicating that it doesn’t work well because their eyelashes are very short and straight. I can see why that would be an issue with a mascara that ads a lot if thickness, so I would perhaps avoid it if you are in that category. However, if you are like me and have lashes of an average length, enough to make a statement with them, and ones that are fairly thin then this might work just as well for you as it has for me. I think the trick is in the shape of the wand and the curved bristles that hug your lashes at either end of the eye, giving them a fanned out look. While it’s not the best at giving your lashes a curl because of how thick the formula is, I’ve found that all you need is a few pumps of an eyelash curler and you can let the mascara do the rest. While the price point is a bit steep for a product that expires every few months, I’ve decided that I might just take that blow because of how much I regret not buying it when I try to use another brand. It almost seems like it’s more of a waste of money if I buy a drug store brand because I always end up buying this one as well.

CLINIQUE, LASH DOUBLING MASCARA: This is the mascara I like the least out of my current collection. I knew it from the second I took the wand out of the tube and saw the narrow, short bristles. As I expected, it did nothing for my lashes—no lifting or even coating. Again, I believe that it’ aSll about the shape of the bristles for me. Because my lashes are already thin, having short bristles that don’t grip them means that they don’t get any volume or fullness; it just looks like I dyed my lashes a shade darker. This mascara was also given to me by my boyfriend so I appreciate that he tried, but I definitely won’t be finishing this mascara unless all my other ones somehow disappear. I’ll probably just end up getting rid of it once the 3 month life span of it is up and I haven’t used it.    

BENEFIT, THEY'RE REAL: I picked this tester out at Sephora with my points as part of a benefit package gift and was pleasantly surprised by it. Once I unscrewed the top and saw the long, plastic, pointed bristles of the wand, I really thought I was going to hate it because I never tend to have luck with plastic wands. However, once I tested it out, I couldn’t believe that I hadn’t tried it sooner. Then I realized that it is a bit more expensive than the Too Faced mascara, so it wasn’t really a surprise anymore. While I do really like the formula and the wand, there were two main issues that I had with this specific tube—the size, and the length of the bristles. Since this was a tester size, it was a bit difficult to apply it easily because my hand would keep hitting my face if I tried to get close to the base of my lashes. It’s a bit annoying when you don’t have enough space to apply it evenly to both eyes. But once I could get close to the roots of my lashes, I found that the plastic bristles would poke my waterline hard enough to make my blink and get some mascara on my bottom lid. Maybe this is something I can fix with a bit of practice and a longer wand, but it made it very tedious putting my make up on in the morning. While the price is a bit high, I wouldn’t be against buying a full-sized one just to really give it a try and see how it works for me.

CLINIQUE, HIGH IMPACT MASCARA: Much like the sizing issue I had with the benefit mascara, this tube was also a sample size that came with a package gift that my boyfriend bought me for my birthday. The first thing I noticed is that the wand had fiber bristles, which was good because those tend to work the best for my lashes and coat them smoothly and evenly. The second thing I noticed was the shape of the bristles; they had a bit of more of a rounded look to them that tapers into a point at the end. This factor was a bit hard to get on board with because I’ve noticed that when the bristles are rounded near the centre, they tend to only apply the formula to the centre lashes. Pair that with the fact that it is a short handle and it was extremely hard to work with. It didn’t really hug my lashes enough to coat them, but rather pushed them back and up. However, this is definitely not the worst mascara I’ve tried. I do plan on using it up because it does the job, just not as easily as I would like it to. Although, I don’t think I would buy the full version to test out.

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