Having been blogging for a hot minute, there are a few truths about myself and the blogging world that I’ve discovered and that I’m willing to share despite how they might make me look. Firstly, even though I have written about makeup and skin care on my blog, the last thing I want to be considered is a “Beauty Blogger”. This isn’t because I don’t admire the effort it takes to try out and write about current beauty products and trends—on the contrary, I would love to be able to do that and really feel passionate about it. But if I did, I just wouldn’t be truthful to myself and who I am in real, everyday life.

There can be a bit of a disconnect between the real world and the blogging world for those of us who don’t do it as a full-time job and it’s very easy to fall into the habit of presenting your blog life as your real life. Honestly, my real life isn’t as neat, organized and well-lit as my blogging life and I’m okay with that. It gives me the opportunity to create something online rather than just present what I already have in front of me (shout out to all the fellow flat flay enthusiast out there!).

The main reason why I don’t want to be considered a “Beauty Blogger” is because it costs a lot of money—money that I would rather spend on ordering food from UberEats and fairy lights for my dark apartment. But that’s not very glamorous is it? And that's what the beauty community is about; portraying a sense of glamour. Again, this is not to throw any shade to the many successful or up-and-coming beauty blogs. I commend all of them because it takes a lot of dedication, passion, and skill. However, what I don’t agree with in this community (not only the beauty one but the overall blogging umbrella) is the blatant consumerism that goes into not only writing the posts but also maintaining the lifestyle your audience wants to imagine you living. This is currently the tightrope I am walking on at the moment because on one hand, I want to be able to emulate the many bloggers (and YouTubers) I admire, but on the other hand, I know that if I try to I’ll be giving into the notion that you can only be successful if you discuss monetary objects.

I’ve spent many lunch breaks at work scouring through Bloglovin’ to find blogs that aren’t based on beauty, style or interior décor as some inspiration for the direction I want to take my blog in and it seems impossible. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with how many people want to talk about popular products, but at a certain point after scrolling through a few of them I begin to feel icky with the idea that the long fingers of capitalism have found their way around me. As we move closer to the holiday season, this sense of wanting more is very noticeable and has become a bit tedious as we’re bombarded with ads around every corner telling you what you need or what item will prove your love for someone. Now that I write this all out, I can’t really think of a resolution for this issue in my head other than seeing a few more blogs move away from the consumerist lifestyle, not permanently, but maybe for a breath of fresh air in a community stifled by the scent of designer perfume.

While I like trying out a new product and enjoying it, I seem to always have the feeling of remorse afterward as I look at my dresser top and see all the other similar products sitting there, unused. I guess the main takeaway from this post is that consumerism can leave you feeling as empty as your wallet despite the momentary feeling of joy after buying something new. This is where I’ve been the past few weeks in my mind as I’ve struggled to find content for a blog that relies on pretty pictures as much as content. In 2017 I plan on making the strides toward relying less on bits and bobs and more on honing my writing and thoughts for more post like these where I can discuss something genuine and truer to my own tastes.

The idea for this post was inspired by Kimberly Clarks video (watch here) as she discuss consumerism in the world of drag. I would recommend giving it a watch as she is very eloquent and concise about her points.

If you have any recommendations for blogs of the sort mentioned above I would love to check them out. Let me know!

ThoughtsKaterina Eleftheriou