This past week has been quite difficult, what with Christmas shopping and the unexpected snow storms. We’ve also been dealing with a bit of a heating problem at our place currently, so I’ve spent many nights in fuzzy, leopard print pyjamas, trying to stay warm as the cold leaks in through the bedroom windows. It’s become a bit harder to stay motivated to do anything these days, especially leave the house, so I decided I would share some of the things I do on a cozy day in that might make the weather and lack of sun seem a bit more bearable.


This is by far my favourite part of the weekend, especially after a night out. There's nothing more satisfying than enjoying the comfort of your bed and watching the snow flutter outside your window. I would also recommend having a fluffy robe waiting for you when you get up and out of bed. I was given one as a Christmas present a year ago and it’s been a game changer. I’m no longer completely freezing in the mornings and I get to enjoy my coffee swaddled up like a baby.


This ties into the point above because it involves the morning and what you need to do to make it a bit different than any other day. I always enjoy a relaxing breakfast where I don’t need to rush to catch a bus and where my food options aren’t limited to whatever can be quickly scooped into my mouth. I’ll never say no to some eggs and toast, but it’s always nice to take some extra time and make pancakes or something a bit more luxurious. Pair that with some morning sunlight and a good TV show and you won’t remember what it’s like to go to work.


Due to the fact that I work full time and don’t have much time in the evenings, I've become more of a TV show person rather than a movie person. It’s much easier to watch a 30 minute show on my lunch break than to dive into a movie that’ll take a few days to watch at that rate. However, on days that I decide to spend at home, either by myself or with my boyfriend, a movie will always make it into the schedule. While we usually watch movies at night as a way to unwind, I tend to fall asleep half way through so watching them during thE day is much more stimulating for me. You can also add an afternoon snack and a furry throw to make it all that much more enjoyable.


On the days I dedicate to relaxing and staying cozy, I don’t usually workout, but I thought I’d throw this in for anyone who has more of a regular workout routine. I’ve only done yoga a few times now and I do enjoy it as a beginner. I’m sure the more advanced I become the harder it will be, but for now I find it the perfect way to relax while still being active. After having spent the day on the couch or in bed it’ll feel good to give your body a bit of a stretch.


Hot water, sweet smelling shampoo and the prospect of having smooth, shaved legs is enough to get me into the shower. I’m one of those crazy people that like it to be scolding hot despite it not being that good for your skin. I just really enjoy the looseness it gives my muscles and the spa-like effect of a personal steam room. Bath’s have never been appealing to me so I’ve never had the opportunity to use a bath bomb and enjoy the colours or scent, but I have come across a few oils that you can trickle onto the shower floor to give the area a nice fragrance.


The best way to close off a cozy day is to order in your favourite takeout. My boyfriend and I usually opt for pizza or jerk chicken, but the options are endless. Curling up on the couch, eating some food and sipping on some beer or wine is enough to get you ready for the week ahead.

What do you do on a cozy day in?