Curly hair has been the bane of my existence for as long as I could remember, not really able to combat it until I was in middle school and started learning about hair straighteners. It has always been a challenge for me to figure out what works best for the texture of my hair as well as the thinness of it. Usually salons or magazine will stress using products to get rid of frizz, but that seems counterintuitive when heavy products make thin hair feel flat and sometimes oily. As I've gotten older (and wiser?) my hair care and routines have changed to really exemplify what I look for in good hair—volume, smoothness, and no damage. This is the trifecta for me and has caused me a lot of anxiety in my adolescent years when appearances and style were everything.

I am happy to say that as a 25 year old woman, I have finally figured out what products and techniques work best for me and for fairly reasonable prices. In this post I won't be really delving into my in-shower hair care as I'm fairly simple when it comes to that—as long as it feels clean and conditioned, I'm happy. I will mostly be discussing the products and tools I use to achieve my desired style and texture after a shower.


First and foremost is always protecting your hair from heat. Whether that be from the blazing summer sun by the beach or from the blast of a blow dryer in your humid bathroom. It can all affect your hair in the long run and won't help if you're trying to grow it out in a healthy way. I've been using the heat protectant spray from Tresemme for most of my life and I've found that this gets the job done. While this product does have alcohol in it and most hair stylists will tell you to avoid it, I can honestly say I've never had an issue with dryness due to it. Of course, it is up to you and your discretion if you feel this product is good for you, but I think it works best for my hair and budget.


I picked this cream up at a hair salon I used to go to in the elusive Yorkville area of Downtown Toronto. As you may already know, I've started cutting my own hair and no longer visit the salon on a regular basis, but I may have to stop by again at some point to pick up a refill of this hair serum. Now, as I mentioned above, too much product can weigh my hair down and make it feel flat, which does happen when I use this product on an especially humid or rainy day. However, it smells so delicious and leaves my hair feeling silky smooth, so I save it for use in the colder, dryer months. I usually use a dollop of this on the ends of my hair before drying and styling it so that it gives me a bit of shine. 


A good blow dryer is an investment, but luckily my boyfriend's mother is a hair dresser and can get them discounted. After months of using my boyfriend's tiny, powerless blow dryer that took me 20 minutes to dry my hair completely it's like a gift from heaven to be using {brand} for only the duration of a song on my iPhone to do it now. I tend to flip my hair around and give it a few burst of heat, just to add some volume to the roots, and then I will use a roller brush around my forehead to style my hair and avoid any awkward twists and kinks that would throw off the entire style. Even though I'll later style it with a straighter I find that if you leave it to settle in the wrong spot that it will be incredible difficult to fix once your hair is completely dry and doesn't want to budge. I would recommend not blow drying with intense heat because with time the ends of your hair will split. But a few bursts here and there should do the trick.


I don't always use Bumble and Bumble's spray but when I do I look like a rock star from the 70's. It gives my hair the rugged, bedhead look that most people strive for. I find that it looks best when used the day after I've washed my hair and slept on it a bit. Something about the natural oils on your scalp combines very well with the salt in the product. While I do like this spray and what it does for my hair, I'm not sure if I'll be repurchasing it because of the price for simply a bottle of water and salt. I will definitely keep using it, but maybe even try to create my own spray at home, and decide what works better for me. But of course, I couldn't resist taking this recommendation from Queen Alexa Chung and I definitely feel cooler for it. I've been meaning to try a few more of Bumble and Bumble's products so perhaps you'll see some of those in my future hair care posts.


This product is like the air I breathe—so vital that I find myself constantly thinking about it to make sure I have enough at home. As mentioned above my hair is very thin, and with that thinness comes a lot of oil, especially if I touch my hair a lot throughout the day (which I do). A few years ago I used to use baby powder as a way of absorbing this oil because it felt like only a day after washing it it would be oily already. The baby powder was a hair hack that my grandma passed down to my mom so I started using it, but it always felt a bit heavy and difficult to apply to the problem areas on my scalp. After seeing Batiste crop up in a few youtube videos I decided to give it a try and haven't looked back since. The original scent is perfect for getting rid of the day-old hair smell. It's also perfect texture and weight for my hair and the application is incredibly easy when trying to get it right in between my hairs on the scalp. I've found that since I started using this I can go almost 3 days without washing my hair, and that's a lot coming from someone who would have to wash their hair every day. The only tip I would have when using this product is to ensure you really rub it in so as to avoid patches of white powder throughout your hair.

How do you style and care for you locks?

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