So, I guess I should start acting like an adult when it comes to my skin…

As of next week I will be hitting a quarter into my life and I still view my skin as a force whose ways are mysterious and not understood by a mere mortal such as myself. Up until a few months ago I couldn’t stop the breakouts—it seemed like every day there was a new eruption on the side of my cheek or tip of my nose—but for the past few weeks it has been relatively clear. I’ve been using the same skin care treatments for about 6 months, so you might see where my confusion stems from. All that being said, the last thing I want to do now is irritate my skin or start slacking off on treating it because good skin is 90% of the makeup I use.

I thought I would start by picking up an exfoliating mask. Unfortunately, Lush was out of the mask I initially wanted and thought would work best for my skin type so I settled for the Mask of Magnanimity with it’s cooling peppermint oil and evening primrose seed. I’ve only used this once since purchase and instantly noticed how much softer my skin felt after I washed it off. I’m not going to lie, it gets a bit messy, especially because of how chunky the mask is, but I’m sure with time I’ll get used to handling it. I also couldn’t help but notice that it didn’t irritate my skin the day after use—usually when I know that a product isn’t for me. Even now my skin still feels soft and most of my dry flakes have gone away.

The second product I picked up in my journey of being an adult is an Aveeno daily SPF moisturizer. The more skin care books I read and YouTube videos I watch the more I’ve picked up on the importance of a daily SPF, even in cloudy weather. Seeing as how quickly I burn during the summer, I wouldn’t be surprised if just as much damage was happening to my skin during autumn. While this moisturizer is a bit thicker than I expected (because of the SPF factor) I (luckily!) haven’t had any breakouts or ill effects in the past few days of using it. I know there must be better brands for this type of product, but I wanted to start with something a bit cheaper to see if I like it and will hopefully find one that is perfect for me.

How has your skin been doing these days?

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