Seeing as I haven’t written a makeup post in a while I thought I’d pop one up talking about a type of product I’ve only recently gotten into, but that makes a world of difference in a makeup look. I don’t want this to be a formal review of the blushes I own, but rather a short chat about the kinds that work best for me and what I would recommend investing in if blush is your thing.

Up until 2 years ago I never wore blush. I already had a natural flush to my cheeks that it had never occurred to me that I could enhance it even more, especially after using foundation or concealer that tends to flatten out the skin tone. Like most people, I first started with cheap drugstore blushes, just to see if I really liked the look of it. Surprisingly, I did and I decided to find a few more with better quality that wouldn’t bleed down your cheeks or fade throughout the day.

The four brands I use now are MAC, Too Faced, Hourglass, and NARS. These seem to be the most popular in the makeup and blogging community so I thought I would give them all a try. The two I rotate between the most are MAC “Lovecloud” for it’s bright, fresh pink tint and Hourglass “Mood Exposure” for it’s more neutral tone that seems to sculpt the face a bit. For a night out “Mood Exposure” is my go-to because of it’s sultry look paired with a darker eye. At the moment, this is my favourite to use because of its buttery texture and intense pigment. While “Lovecloud” is very pretty, it’s a bit difficult to actually get on the brush and apply without a bit of effort.

To be honest, I haven’t used the Too Faced and NARS blushes all that much because of their intense pigment and bright colours, which typically aren’t bad qualities, but they seem to be too much for me on a daily basis. I plan to use these blushes up before I buy any more because they are all fairly pricey, but if blush is your thing, I would highly recommend a MAC or Hourglass one.

What cheek products are your favourite?

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